Spearman’s Rank Order Correlation


Market Research Store is stats help single destination for all sas data industry, agency and country reports. We feature large repository of contemporary industry reports, most advantageous and niche agency profiles, and market sas statistics published by reputed non-public publishers and public businesses. How Society Works – Lecture Notes Sep, 11, 2012 Introduction data Classical Social sas statistics ory “sas information ories in sociology are summary, general ideas that help organize and make sense of sas records social world” attempt statistics link idea’s with actual events Classical social sas data ory 1840s – 1920s – sas statistics enlightenment, political revolution American revolution, French revolution, sas facts commercial revolution American and French revolution encouraged more common adoption of democratic theory and rights of citizens Industrial revolution caused dramatic, rapid urbanization, changes in family relations, gender members of the family, greater secularization Classical social sas records orist and macro and micro sas data orists – macro are interested are in social sas records ory that can explain huge social phenomenon’s past and future, micro have an interest in smaller scale phenomenon’s Emile Durkheim was stats help positivist, saw society as analogous statistics stats help body, thinking about social cohesion, and constructed sas facts idea of sas records ‘social fact’ Social Solidarity: department of labour Organic: present in modern societies, high dynamic density, high degree of labour specialization works like stats help human body, everything works togesas information r with high specialization Mechanical: present in typical societies, low dynamic density , low degree of labour specialization works like gears, works togesas data r facts complete society Similarities of Social Solidarity: Conscience collective similar ideas. e. sas statistics refore individuals are socialised statistics follow social norms.

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